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ItalyItaly | Cesena | established in 1940

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: Totais por Competição

Pre-season 2014/1531206-1-----details
Serie A19.º374122136-689722L4DLLLLdetails
Italy Cup 2014/15Fourth Round21013-4601L1WLdetails
Penalty shoot-out (p.s.) and coin-toss decisions (CT) are considered as draws
[G=Matches, W=Wins, D=Draws, L=Lost, GD=Goal Difference, YC=Yellow Cards, 2Y=Double Yellow Cards, RC=Red Cards, FS=Last Series, F=Form]

: Factos

42 Matches, 6W 14D 22L (GS: 45-73)
Consecutive Defeats4In the worst series of consecutive defats
Jogos Consecutivos Sem Ganhar12
Recent wins1 in 16
Recent defeats5 in 6
Consecutive matches conceding goals6
Last Win86 [Days ago]+ info
Last Defeat2 [Days ago]+ info
Average Goals Scored1.07 [G/M]
Average Goals Conceded1.74 [G/M]
Percentagem de derrotas52 [%:]
Games scored in69 [% Matches]+ info
Games when goals conceded83 [% Matches]+ info
Most wins3+ info
Most games without a win19+ info
Most games without defeat5+ info

: Marcos

Goals ScoredPerto de 50 [Goals]Atualmente com 45
Consecutive DefeatsPerto de 5 [Lost]Atualmente com 4

: Summary

ItalySerie A 2014/15Most Draws10.º12 DrawsLeader: Empoli18 Draws
 Most Defeats2.º21 DefeatsLeader: Parma24 Defeats
 Most Yellow Cards9.º97 Yellow CardsLeader: Cagliari109 Yellow Cards
 Most Red Cards7.º2 Red CardsLeader: Milan6 Red Cards
 Most own-goals scored5.º2 GoalsLeader: Napoli4 Goals
ItalyCoppa Italia 2014/15Most Defeats1.º1 Defeats 
 Most Yellow Cards10.º6 Yellow CardsLeader: Lazio15 Yellow Cards
 Most Red Cards2.º1 Red CardsLeader: Monza2 Red Cards
ItalySerie A 2014/15Top ScorerGrégoire Defrel[15.º]9 Goals
 Goals per GameFranco Brienza[30.º]0.29 Goals/Game
 Most Penalties ScoredFranco Brienza[6.º]3 Goals
 Most goals as a substituteAlejandro Rodríguez[5.º]3 Goals
 Winning GoalsAlejandro Rodríguez[1.º]3 Goals
 Most doublesGrégoire Defrel[5.º]2 Doubles
 Most Yellow CardsStefano Lucchini[19.º]10 Yellow Cards
 Most Double Yellow cardsManuel Coppola[7.º]1 Double Yellow cards
 Most Red cardsZé Eduardo[4.º]1 Red cards
 Most MinutesGrégoire Defrel[66.º]2519 Minutes
 Most used substituteAlejandro Rodríguez[4.º]19 Games as used substitute
 Most Goals ConcededNicola Leali [6.º]46 Goals Conceded
ItalyCoppa Italia 2014/15Top ScorerGuido Marilungo[33.º]1 Goals
 Winning GoalsGuido Marilungo[2.º]1 Goals
 Most Yellow CardsLuka Krajnc[21.º]1 Yellow Cards
 Most Red cardsMassimo Volta[1.º]1 Red cards
 Most MinutesDaniele Capelli[116.º]210 Minutes
 Most used substituteZé Eduardo[53.º]1 Games as used substitute
 Most Goals ConcededFederico Agliardi[10.º]4 Goals Conceded

: Results

DateLeagueStageHome AwayTournament  
2015-05-24ItalySAD37Cesena0-1Cagliari Italian League 2014/15L
2015-05-18ItalySAD36Napoli3-2Cesena Italian League 2014/15L
2015-05-10ItalySAD35Cesena2-3Sassuolo Italian League 2014/15L
2015-05-03ItalySAD34Fiorentina3-1Cesena Italian League 2014/15L
2015-04-29ItalySAD33Cesena2-2Atalanta Italian League 2014/15D
2015-04-26ItalySAD32Genoa3-1Cesena Italian League 2014/15L
2015-04-18ItalySAD31Sampdoria0-0Cesena Italian League 2014/15D
2015-04-12ItalySAD30Cesena0-1Chievo Italian League 2014/15L
2015-04-04ItalySAD29Hellas Verona3-3Cesena Italian League 2014/15D
2015-03-22ItalySAD28Cesena0-1Roma Italian League 2014/15L
2015-03-15ItalySAD27Internazionale1-1Cesena Italian League 2014/15D
2015-03-08ItalySAD26Cesena0-0Palermo Italian League 2014/15D
2015-03-01ItalySAD25Cesena1-0Udinese Italian League 2014/15W
2015-02-22ItalySAD24Milan2-0Cesena Italian League 2014/15L
2015-02-15ItalySAD23Cesena2-2Juventus Italian League 2014/15D
2015-02-08ItalySAD22Empoli2-0Cesena Italian League 2014/15L
2015-02-01ItalySAD21Cesena2-1Lazio Italian League 2014/15W
2015-01-25ItalySAD20Parma1-2Cesena Italian League 2014/15W
2015-01-18ItalySAD19Cesena2-3Torino Italian League 2014/15L
2015-01-11ItalySAD18Cagliari2-1Cesena Italian League 2014/15L
2015-01-06ItalySAD17Cesena1-4Napoli Italian League 2014/15L
2014-12-20ItalySAD16Sassuolo1-1Cesena Italian League 2014/15D
2014-12-14ItalySAD15Cesena1-4Fiorentina Italian League 2014/15L
2014-12-07ItalySAD14Atalanta3-2Cesena Italian League 2014/15L
2014-12-03ItalyIC4EUdinese4-2 (a.p.)Cesena TIMCUP 2014/15L
2014-11-30ItalySAD13Cesena0-3Genoa Italian League 2014/15L
2014-11-23ItalySAD12Cesena1-1Sampdoria Italian League 2014/15D
2014-11-09ItalySAD11Chievo2-1Cesena Italian League 2014/15L
2014-11-03ItalySAD10Cesena1-1Hellas Verona Italian League 2014/15D
2014-10-29ItalySAD9Roma2-0Cesena Italian League 2014/15L
2014-10-26ItalySAD8Cesena0-1Internazionale Italian League 2014/15L
2014-10-19ItalySAD7Palermo2-1Cesena Italian League 2014/15L
2014-10-05ItalySAD6Udinese1-1Cesena Italian League 2014/15D
2014-09-28ItalySAD5Cesena1-1Milan Italian League 2014/15D
2014-09-24ItalySAD4Juventus3-0Cesena Italian League 2014/15L
2014-09-20ItalySAD3Cesena2-2Empoli Italian League 2014/15D
2014-09-14ItalySAD2Lazio3-0Cesena Italian League 2014/15L
2014-08-31ItalySAD1Cesena1-0Parma Italian League 2014/15W
2014-08-24ItalyIC3ECesena1-0Casertana TIMCUP 2014/15W
2014-08-13Pre-seasonPSFRImoleseItaly 0-5Italy Cesena Pre-season 2014/15W
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Competitions with full data: Serie A 2014/2015, Coppa Italia 2014/2015

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: Total Stats by Player - Official matches [Top-10]

1.FranceGrégoire DefrelForward3490.2630426466--details
2.ItalyDaniele CapelliDefense3100.00301263011--details
3.ItalyNicola Leali Goalkeeper2900.0029-2550--1details
4.ItalyFranco BrienzaForward2980.2828124252--details
5.ItalyStefano LucchiniDefense2910.0326322509--details
6.ItalyEmmanuel CascioneMidfielder2910.0325422338--details
7.Bosnia and HerzegovinaMilan ĐurićForward2830.11171116442--details
8.ItalyGiuseppe De FeudisMidfielder2700.0024320426--details
9.ItalyMassimo VoltaDefense2400.001951802811details
10.SpainAlejandro RodríguezForward2440.175197392--details
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