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: Total Team Stats

Italy Italian League 2013/1434293272-226911W3WLWWWHistory >
Italy Italian League 2012/1338276571-247701L1WWWDLHistory >
Italy Italian League 2011/12382315068-207222W2WWDWWHistory >
Italy Italy Cup 2013/1421013-1-----History >
Italy Italy Cup 2012/1342115-4-----History >
Italy Italy Cup 2011/1253119-6-----History >
Italy Supercoppa 201311004-0100W1WHistory >
Italy Supercoppa 201211004-2300W1WHistory >
CL Champions League 2013/1461329-9901L1DLDWLHistory >
CL Champions League 2012/131053217-82000L2WWWLLHistory >
Europa League Europa League 2013/1465109-2600W3WDWWWHistory >
Penalty shoot-out (p.s.) and coin-toss decisions (CT) are considered as draws
[G=Matches, W=Wins, D=Draws, L=Lost, GD=Goal Difference, YC=Yellow Cards, 2Y=Double Yellow Cards, RC=Red Cards, FS=Last Series, F=Form]

: Factos

Average Goals Scored1.87 [G/M]
Average Goals Conceded0.68 [G/M]
Consecutive Wins5 [Wins]
Percentagem de vitórias68 [%:]
Last Win1-0 [2014-04-19]Italian League vs Bologna [since then: 0L 0D]
Last Defeat2-0 [2014-03-30]Italian League vs Napoli [since then: 5W 0D]
Jogos em que marcou golos130 [Matches]90%
Games when goals conceded73 [Matches]50%
Consecutive matches scoring goals5 [Matches]
Derrotas nos últimos jogos1 in 20 [Defeats/Matches]
Vitórias nos últimos jogos9 in 10 [Wins/Matches]
Empates nos últimos jogos1 in 17 [Draws/Matches]
Máximo de jogos a vencer7 [Matches]Juventus 2-0 Internazionale [2012-03-25] -> Novara 0-4 Juventus [2012-04-29]
Máximo de jogos sem perder42 [Matches]Juventus 4-1 Parma [2011-09-11] -> Juventus 3-1 Atalanta [2012-05-13]
Máximo de jogos sem vencer4 [Matches]Milan 1-1 Juventus [2012-02-25] -> Genoa 0-0 Juventus [2012-03-11]
Máximo de jogos a perder2 [Matches]Fiorentina 4-2 Juventus [2013-10-20] -> Real Madrid 2-1 Juventus [2013-10-23]

: Marcos

Máximo de vitórias consecutivasPerto de 7 [Matches]Atualmente com 5

: Latest Results

DateLeagueStageHome AwayTournament  
2014-04-19ItalySAD34Juventus1-0Bologna Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2014-04-14ItalySAD33Udinese0-2Juventus Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2014-04-10Europa LeagueELQFJuventusItaly 2-1France Lyon Europa League 2013/14WVideos
2014-04-07ItalySAD32Juventus2-0Livorno Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2014-04-03Europa LeagueELQFLyonFrance 0-1Italy Juventus Europa League 2013/14WVideos
2014-03-30ItalySAD31Napoli2-0Juventus Italian League 2013/14LVideos
2014-03-26ItalySAD30Juventus2-1Parma Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2014-03-23ItalySAD29Catania0-1Juventus Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2014-03-20Europa LeagueELL16FiorentinaItaly 0-1Italy Juventus Europa League 2013/14WVideos
2014-03-16ItalySAD28Genoa0-1Juventus Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2014-03-13Europa LeagueELL16JuventusItaly 1-1Italy Fiorentina Europa League 2013/14DVideos
2014-03-09ItalySAD27Juventus1-0Fiorentina Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2014-03-02ItalySAD26Milan0-2Juventus Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2014-02-27Europa LeagueELL32TrabzonsporTurkey 0-2Italy Juventus Europa League 2013/14WVideos
2014-02-23ItalySAD25Juventus1-0Torino Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2014-02-20Europa LeagueELL32JuventusItaly 2-0Turkey Trabzonspor Europa League 2013/14WVideos
2014-02-16ItalySAD24Juventus3-1Chievo Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2014-02-09ItalySAD23Hellas Verona2-2Juventus Italian League 2013/14DVideos
2014-02-02ItalySAD22Juventus3-1Internazionale Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2014-01-25ItalySAD21Lazio1-1Juventus Italian League 2013/14DVideos
2014-01-21ItalyICQFRoma1-0Juventus TIMCUP 2013/14LVideos
2014-01-18ItalySAD20Juventus4-2Sampdoria Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2014-01-12ItalySAD19Cagliari1-4Juventus Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2014-01-05ItalySAD18Juventus3-0Roma Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2013-12-22ItalySAD17Atalanta1-4Juventus Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2013-12-18ItalyICL16Juventus3-0Avellino TIMCUP 2013/14WVideos
2013-12-15ItalySAD16Juventus4-0Sassuolo Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2013-12-11CLCLGrp.BGalatasarayTurkey 1-0Italy Juventus CL 2013/14LVideos
2013-12-06ItalySAD15Bologna0-2Juventus Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2013-12-01ItalySAD14Juventus1-0Udinese Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2013-11-27CLCLGrp.BJuventusItaly 3-1Denmark FC Kobenhavn CL 2013/14WVideos
2013-11-24ItalySAD13Livorno0-2Juventus Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2013-11-10ItalySAD12Juventus3-0Napoli Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2013-11-05CLCLGrp.BJuventusItaly 2-2Spain Real Madrid CL 2013/14DVideos
2013-11-02ItalySAD11Parma0-1Juventus Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2013-10-30ItalySAD10Juventus4-0Catania Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2013-10-27ItalySAD9Juventus2-0Genoa Italian League 2013/14WVideos
2013-10-23CLCLGrp.BReal MadridSpain 2-1Italy Juventus CL 2013/14LVideos
2013-10-20ItalySAD8Fiorentina4-2Juventus Italian League 2013/14LVideos
2013-10-06ItalySAD7Juventus3-2Milan Italian League 2013/14WVideos
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