Manchester United Football Club

EnglandEngland | Manchester | established in 1878

Season 2011/2012

: Summary

EnglandPremier League 2011/2012Biggest Wins2.º9 VictoriesLeader: Manchester City13 Victories
 Most Wins1.º28 Games 
 Unbeaten Games2.º12 GamesLeader: Manchester City14 Games
EnglandFA Cup 11/12Biggest Wins10.º0 VictoriesLeader: Chelsea3 Victories
 Most Defeats1.º1 Defeats 
EnglandCarling Cup 2011/12Biggest Wins1.º2 Victories 
 Most Wins9.º2 GamesLeader: Crystal Palace6 Games
 Most Defeats1.º1 Defeats 
 Unbeaten Games10.º2 GamesLeader: Liverpool7 Games
EnglandCom. Shield 2011Biggest Wins1.º0 Victories 
 Most Wins1.º1 Games 
 Most Draws1.º0 Draws 
 Most Defeats2.º0 DefeatsLeader: Manchester City1 Defeats
 Unbeaten Games1.º1 Games 
 Most Yellow Cards2.º2 Yellow CardsLeader: Manchester City5 Yellow Cards
CLLC 2011/2012Most Draws4.º3 DrawsLeader: Milan4 Draws
 Unbeaten Games6.º5 GamesLeader: Barcelona10 Games
 Most Red Cards1.º1 Red Cards 
 Most own-goals scored2.º1 GoalsLeader: Barcelona2 Goals
EnglandPremier League 2011/2012Top ScorerWayne Rooney[2.º]27 Goals
 Goals per GameWayne Rooney[3.º]0.79 Goals/Game
 Most Penalties ScoredWayne Rooney[1.º]6 Goals
 Most goals as a substituteChicharito Hernández[10.º]2 Goals
 Winning GoalsWayne Rooney[3.º]4 Goals
 Most doublesWayne Rooney[1.º]6 Doubles
 Most Hat-tricksWayne Rooney[1.º]2 Hat-tricks
 Most Yellow CardsPhil Jones[33.º]6 Yellow Cards
 Most Red cardsJonny Evans[4.º]1 Red cards
 Most MinutesPatrice Evra[19.º]3239 Minutes
 Most used substituteRyan Giggs[34.º]11 Games as used substitute
 Most Goals ConcededDavid de Gea[20.º]29 Goals Conceded
EnglandCarling Cup 2011/12Top ScorerMichael Owen[5.º]3 Goals
 Most Penalties ScoredFederico Macheda[5.º]1 Goals
 Most doublesMichael Owen[2.º]1 Doubles
 Most Yellow CardsFábio[3.º]2 Yellow Cards
 Most MinutesBen Amos[79.º]300 Minutes
 Most used substitutePaul Pogba[1.º]3 Games as used substitute
 Most Goals ConcededBen Amos[56.º]2 Goals Conceded
EnglandCom. Shield 2011Top ScorerNani[1.º]2 Goals
 Winning GoalsNani[1.º]1 Goals
 Most doublesNani[1.º]1 Doubles
 Most Yellow CardsPatrice Evra[1.º]1 Yellow Cards
 Most MinutesWayne Rooney[1.º]90 Minutes
 Most used substituteDimitar Berbatov[1.º]1 Games as used substitute
 Most Goals ConcededDavid de Gea[2.º]2 Goals Conceded
CLLC 2011/2012Top ScorerWayne Rooney[38.º]2 Goals
 Goals per GameLuís Valencia[55.º]0.20 Goals/Game
 Most Penalties ScoredWayne Rooney[2.º]2 Goals
 Winning GoalsWayne Rooney[4.º]1 Goals
 Most doublesWayne Rooney[7.º]1 Doubles
 Most Yellow CardsMichael Carrick[14.º]3 Yellow Cards
 Most Red cardsNemanja Vidic[1.º]1 Red cards
 Most MinutesPatrice Evra[242.º]450 Minutes
 Most used substituteChicharito Hernández[47.º]3 Games as used substitute
 Most Goals ConcededDavid de Gea[30.º]5 Goals Conceded
Europa LeagueEuropa League 2011/2012Top ScorerWayne Rooney[60.º]3 Goals
 Most Penalties ScoredWayne Rooney[17.º]1 Goals
 Most doublesWayne Rooney[14.º]1 Doubles
 Most Yellow CardsRafael da Silva[170.º]2 Yellow Cards
 Most MinutesDavid de Gea[793.º]360 Minutes
 Most used substituteDanny Welbeck[132.º]3 Games as used substitute
 Most Goals ConcededDavid de Gea[56.º]7 Goals Conceded

: Totais por Competição

Club Friendlies 201211004-1-----details
Pre-season 2011/12660026-3-----details
Champions League 2011/12Group Stage623111-8801L1DWWDLdetails
Europa League 2011/12Last Sixteen41036-7500L3WLLLdetails
Premier League 2011/20122.º38285589-335101W2WDLWWdetails
The FA Cup 2011/2012Last 3221014-4-----details
Carling Cup 2011/2012Quarter-Finals32017-2500L1WWLdetails
The F.A. Community Shield 2011Winner11003-2200W1Wdetails
Penalty shoot-out (p.s.) and coin-toss decisions (CT) are considered as draws
[G=Matches, W=Wins, D=Draws, L=Lost, GD=Goal Difference, YC=Yellow Cards, 2Y=Double Yellow Cards, RC=Red Cards, FS=Last Series, F=Form]