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: Summary

Total1382454 (33%)339 (25%)589 (43%)
Home691346 (50%)169 (24%)176 (25%)
Away691108 (16%)170 (25%)413 (60%)
Penalty shoot-out (p.s.) and coin-toss decisions (CT) are considered as draws

: Facts in the Competition

Biggest home winLiga Española 1944/45Sporting Gijón6-0Real Oviedo
 Liga Española 1993/94Sporting Gijón7-1Osasuna
Biggest away winLiga Española 1986/87Barcelona0-4Sporting Gijón
 Liga BBVA 2010/2011Mallorca0-4Sporting Gijón
Worst away defeatLiga Española 1951/52Barcelona9-0Sporting Gijón
 Liga Española 1958/59Athletic9-0Sporting Gijón
Worst home defeatLiga Española 1947/48Sporting Gijón2-7Atlético Madrid
 Liga BBVA 2008/2009Sporting Gijón1-6Barcelona

: Curiosities

1382 Matches, 454W 339D 589L (GD: 1671-2018)
Average Goals Scored: 1.21/J   Average Goals Conceded: 1.46/J
Last Defeat: 2012-05-13 vs Málaga 1-0
Last Win: 2012-05-05 vs Real Betis 2-1 (since then: 1L 0D)
Sporting Gijón scored goals in 932 matches
Sporting Gijón conceded goals in 1012 matches:
3 Consecutive matches conceding goals
Draw only 1 of the last 14 Matches
Best winning streak: 7 Matches (Enter 1979/09/08 vs Sevilla 2-1 and 1979/10/28 vs Barcelona 4-1)
Consecutive matches without losing: 14 Matches (Enter 1982/04/25 vs Las Palmas 4-0 and 1982/11/28 vs Valladolid 0-0)
Worst losing streak: 10 Matches (Enter 1953/12/13 vs Osasuna 3-2 and 1954/02/21 vs Real Jaén 6-1)
Consecutive matches without winning: 24 Matches (Enter 1997/06/22 vs Real Oviedo 0-0 and 1998/02/01 vs Barcelona 2-1)

: All Matches

2012-05-13SpainD1D38Málaga1-0Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2012-05-05SpainD1D37Sporting Gijón2-1Real Betis Liga BBVA 11/12WVideos
2012-05-01SpainD1D20Sporting Gijón2-3Villarreal Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2012-04-28SpainD1D36Espanyol0-3Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12WVideos
2012-04-21SpainD1D35Sporting Gijón2-1Rayo Vallecano Liga BBVA 11/12WVideos
2012-04-14SpainD1D34Real Madrid3-1Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2012-04-11SpainD1D33Sporting Gijón3-2Levante Liga BBVA 11/12WVideos
2012-04-07SpainD1D32Getafe2-0Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2012-03-31SpainD1D31Sporting Gijón1-2Zaragoza Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2012-03-25SpainD1D30Athletic1-1Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12DVideos
2012-03-21SpainD1D29Sporting Gijón2-3Mallorca Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2012-03-17SpainD1D28Granada2-1Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2012-03-10SpainD1D27Sporting Gijón1-0Sevilla Liga BBVA 11/12WVideos
2012-03-03SpainD1D26Barcelona3-1Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2012-02-25SpainD1D25Racing Santander1-1Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12DVideos
2012-02-19SpainD1D24Sporting Gijón1-1Atlético Madrid Liga BBVA 11/12DVideos
2012-02-12SpainD1D23Valencia4-0Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2012-02-05SpainD1D22Sporting Gijón1-1Osasuna Liga BBVA 11/12DVideos
2012-01-29SpainD1D21Real Sociedad5-1Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2012-01-23SpainD1D1Villarreal3-0Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2012-01-15SpainD1D19Sporting Gijón2-1Málaga Liga BBVA 11/12WVideos
2012-01-08SpainD1D18Real Betis2-0Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2011-12-17SpainD1D17Sporting Gijón1-2Espanyol Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2011-12-11SpainD1D16Rayo Vallecano1-3Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12WVideos
2011-12-03SpainD1D15Sporting Gijón0-3Real Madrid Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2011-11-27SpainD1D14Levante4-0Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12LVideos
2011-11-20SpainD1D13Sporting Gijón2-1Getafe Liga BBVA 11/12WVideos
2011-11-06SpainD1D12Zaragoza2-2Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12DVideos
2011-10-30SpainD1D11Sporting Gijón1-1Athletic Liga BBVA 11/12DVideos
2011-10-26SpainD1D10Mallorca1-2Sporting Gijón Liga BBVA 11/12WVideos

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