Mario Balotelli apologises to Prandelli

 AUTHOR: Denise Freitas, 2012-04-09 17:45

Mario Balotelli has apologised to Italy national team manager Cesare Prandelli, who could be excluding him from the Euro 2012 squad, for his everlasting polemical events, his last one being a violent tackle over Arsenal's Song at the weekend.

According to ANSA, the Manchester City attacker was quick to send an apology message to his home-country team manager, saying that he was sorry fir his attitude against Arsenal, at the weekend, which has cost him the rest of the Premier League season, due to punishment.

On the other hand, Prandelli came out to state that the 21-year-old player's place at Euro 2012 is not under threat, even after his sending off against the Gunners, on Sunday.

"I saw his sending off, but this time it was for a foul that was part of the game. I do not think the code of ethics can be applied in this particular situation," the Italy boss told Eurosport.

"I will calmly evaluate his position as far as the squad for Euro 2012 is concerned, but I repeat, his dismissal was for a foul that was part of the game."

Italy Mario Balotelli
Mario Barwuah Balotelli
Italy Italy
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1990-08-12 (24 years)
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189 cm

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